Purchase of TOC services

How do I specify the topics for my story/opinion piece/video?

If we have not reached out to you to ask about your choice of topic. Write to us at [email protected] with your purchase ID.


Do you have other colors of T-shirt?


Dark blue, Green, Yellow, Red, White, Pink, Blue, Light Blue, Orange, Black and Grey. Write to us at [email protected] for more info.

How long is the delivery?

As the T-shirts are (Print to Order) just like our HDB flats are today, we need about 5 days for us to print and mail the shirts over. However, you may get the shirt earlier for those we print in excess due to high demand.

What modes of payment are available

Via paypal, credit card (also via paypal), bank transfer (have to indicate order number or to mail us when the transfer is done) and cheque payment (only processed when cheque is cleared).

Why are white color t-shirts cheaper than the colored t-shirts?

White color t-shirt does not need the backprinting to ensure that the design turns out visible. Due to the additional step, the printing cost is higher.